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Effective July 1, 2021 | Archive

The depositar (also called 研究資料寄存所) aims to preserve and open research data. It provides services for the deposit, discovery, and reuse of research data. In the following, The Service refers to the services provided by the depositar websites (including the domain and any sub-domain of for example

This Privacy Policy explains how The Service collects, processes, and uses personal data from users of The Service. You are free to decide whether to provide your personal data when using The Service. For some features of The Service (for example, data upload) to function, The Service will need you to provide certain personal data. These features will not function without the required personal data from you.

All the servers of The Service are located in Taiwan, and The Service is regulated by the Personal Data Protection Act of Taiwan. You are entitled to all the rights with regard to your personal data as stipulated by Article 3 of the Act. You can contact us by the e-mail address below to exercise your rights.

Data Collection

  1. When you register for an account at The Service, you are required to provide basic personal identification data including your name, your e-mail address, and the user ID (identifier) of your choice. When you edit (the metadata of) datasets, data, and projects, you may also submit some identification data and background information about you.

  2. The Service collects the history of your use of The Service (including but not limited to data about IP address, time of access, link visited, HTTP referer, name and edition of the operating system and browser in use). When you log into The Service, your usage records will be linked to your user ID.

Activity Tracking

  1. In order to provide functions related to the creation, upload, modification, and tracking of datasets and projects, The Service need to use your user ID. Your user ID and time-stamped usage will appear on the Activity Stream pages of these datasets and projects. These activity records can be followed or tracked by third parties.

  2. In order to improve the quality of service, The Service may use the necessary cookies (for example, those used by the base map services of the map platform as well as those required by the operation of the CKAN software package).

  3. The Service may contact you by the e-mail address you registered with The Service.

Third-party Usage

  1. Your name and the user ID you registered with The Service, as well as the metadata (which may include personal data, for example your email address) associated to the datasets and projects that you create and maintain, are public by default. These data can be used by third parties.

  2. The data you have shared with the public, they can be used by anyone.

  3. When required by law, The Service may provide your (personal) data to the law enforcement agencies.

  4. Without your consent or legal requirements, The Service will not disclose your non-public personal data to a third party.

Data Retention

  1. Records of the personal data you provide to The Service, as well as the activity records related to your account, will be kept and preserved at The Service. The Service keeps a record of your activity records for more than 90 days but usually not more than 180 days.

  2. In order to maintain the normal operation of The Service, you cannot delete your account by yourself. You can contact us by the e-mail address below to request the deletion of your account. The data you already uploaded and your activity records may not be deleted at the same time your account is deleted.

Other Statements

  1. Except account data and activity records, The Service will not track, collect, or store other personal data of the users.

  2. If The Service has detected improper use or leakage of the users' personal data, The Service will notify the users as soon as possible.

Amendment to Policy

  1. This Privacy Policy is subject to amendment at any time and without notice, other than through posting the updated Privacy Policy on The Service's websites. You should periodically review this Privacy Policy to see whether it has been updated.


  1. If you have any question about this Privacy Policy, please contact us by email: